Trip to a cinema – anyone?

Recently my son and I went across country to the Fishguard cinema to see an educational Shakespeare adaptation. On arrival we were met by a lovely man called Paul who stated that the educational showing only had the two of us registered to attend. In educational terms I felt this was a sad reflection on the schools in the area. Sure you can get a disc of the show but Shakespeare was meant to be an experience with a larger audience especially a comedy. But there we were as home educators none the less. The trip turned into a fantastic afternoon as Paul showed us around and told us information about the cinema that you would never have guessed from a normal visit. Even thought the cinema had been there in one form or another since the 1940’s (if memory serves) the inside theatre was modern with an recently installed state of the art digital projector and sound system. The pricing is incredibly reasonable and due to being the only 2 to attend Paul let us watch the Maze Runner which was currrently showing, instead of Much Ado About Nothing as we have access to a copy of that at home. It turned into a trip that was almost like having your own private cinema watching the latest release alone. Very enjoyable experience and well worth the money. Previous to that I had not been to the cinema in a while but had paid a considerable amount of money more to see a new release in a crowded cinema elsewhere.

Fishguard is a bit of a cross country trek for us however it may well be worth it both financially and with the more personalised human approach.

I realise this post alone may mean when we next go that the cinema may be crowded – but that to me is all good as we need to support this small community enterprise. The alternatives are chains or more likely having to travel further to an expensive chain.