Trans-European adventure

A couple of weeks ago a volcano changed the world for a few days………..

I was in Germany working. I know a lot of people had a lot of issues with the problems. I know my boss spent 32 hours trudging across Europe on trains and not having a place to rest. I know that people were genuinely stuck in real terms and finances would have been a real issue for me had I not been on work travel.


I asked the hotel could I stay a few days and I found an Irish Bar, I had been there a number of times before – it was close to my hotel. I used the hotel wifi to sort the 2 main trains home and popped into the local station the next day to sort the last one.

2 nights in proper beds; visiting the Irish Bar, being taken out to lunch by the boss of the place I was visiting for work, and I got home 24 hours after my boss who certainly made it sound like a competition when he was shouting at his I-phone “I won”.

All good……

The question is – Does this show us a future that is possible. Less travel and more community spirit to help others. There was certainly a breaking of barriers with every part of my travel. I spoke to numerous people I would not have spoken to. I got to practice both French and Mandarin through the grounding of the planes and the shared experiences of those outside normality………

Is this a glimpse of the realities in PEAK OIL?