the point about the hat

I get a lot of comments and stick, when younger, about the fact that I wear a hat a lot. I have been wearing hats for a long time and the current Tilley I have had for years and it lives in the back of my car. I wear it a lot and still get comments even in my old age. I was never trendy but at 40 I am trying to get the kids to wear hats every day. This has varying degrees of success. Here is my son and I a couple of years back and you can see the shade as the hats work.

During this cloudy time our solar panels are producing loads of electricity, which kind of points to the fact that the solar energy is there even when the sun is not, the kids are very vocal on not looking stupid in a hat. One of them wears a balaclava type affair, while playing in the back garden, in the heat because he does not like the hat. Lesson here is we need to buy some more hats……

This clip is well worth a watch and I realise that we are not exempt and may succumb to something in this category but from an early age this is a factor in why I wore a hat.