Sleep Issues

by desc | Feb 25, 2012 | via: dc13

I have always had sleep problems and am very aware that my REM sleep occurs late in the night. I can be woken very easily as late in the process as 5 or 6 am but then I try waking at 7 and I am dead to the world.

When having to get up at 4 or 5 to drive somewhere for work I have less problems than if I get up at 7am.

I have always struggled with this and find it much more beneficial to stay awake as long as I can and let the cycle take me – especially good if I can be at home long enough to work when it suits the sleep pattern and not need to conform to society’s sleep pattern.

I certainly do more actual work from home as I am focussed when alert at night and sleep till I naturally wake in the morning.

Every few days I need a full 8 hours but on the above cycle I sleep less and better. I have always said my circadian rhythm is about 29 hours and this seems to fit for me but the following article may question all of that.