reading fiction and character names

I am aware that I spend an amount of time listening to audio books and so this is a slightly separate thought as I am considering a post on the use of names.

When reading fiction, don’t be confused here I mean real reading , do you always sound out the names and hear them as the correct pronunciation every time the name is used? The reason I ask is I am writing a post on the importance of using people’s names but I find when reading fiction I get a handle on a character without using the real name as reading. This is especially and mainly true when dealing with names that are not John and Bob type names that are common in my everyday vocabulary.

So what happens? Well I read a person and end up noting and attaching story to a shape of letters that may in my head be simply “L” or “M”. Does this change the level of enjoyment of the book? Clearly in “The importance of being Earnest” it might, but in general stories do I loose out by not really making an effort at the start to associate the character to the actual pronounced name?

I do not believe I do – certainly with the girl who played with fire and kicked the hornets nest there were so many characters starting with “N” I found it difficult listening and the act of reading may have been easier to develop a handle on each character without the real name sloshing around my head, in reading it would be clearer not to use the correct sounds!

This is because the correct sounds were similar to each other and foreign to my everyday ear. Great books though.