PTI headaches literally

by desc | Nov 15, 2011 | via: dc13

At the risk of sounding like a sensitive flower in need of tender loving care and attention, I have come across this evening and issue which compels me to comment. I’m staying in the Premier Travel Inn, one of the city centre ones in the UK. Prior to arriving a request to the top floor room which I always do when I stay in one of these hotels due to the fact that a lot of the floors are usually so creaky that somebody walking around above me at night does keep me awake.

As this one is the city centre I ended up on the ninth floor and the creaky floor is not an issue. I’m quite content with being higher and I’m looking forward to the view of the morning whenever it is a light. Interestingly the windows in my room do not open at all. I’m sure for most travellers this is not an issue in November however from me this is a considerable issue. The staff would say is the air conditioning but as I’m sure some of you could agree air conditioning can make other people feel sick for the same reasons as I feel sick from lack of oxygen. The air conditioning just increases my headache. I did ask about moving to another floor where windows will open but none of the windows of the building do apparently. I do not believe this could be true as the area near the lifts seems fresh and fully oxygenated.

I have asked to move to another travelinn tomorrow and while I have phoned the new travelin and check that they have the availability the current travelinn have said I will have to wait for somebody qualified to be able to achieve the move.

As I sit here dictating the words on the screen I feel quite queasy, I have a solid headache and now retiring to bed, something I have never been able to do this early on the first night staying in a hotel.

All I ask is that I get a vent or some sort of small port hole to the outside world. I wonder when was the last time this room was aired.