in my experience as human beings tend to have the belief that they understand two things I am heavily involved with. Here I will look at one.

I consistently meet individuals who believe they understand psychology simply because they’re human, when psychology itself is not always in line with understanding human behaviour. Psychology itself over the years has created an aura within the public that the psychologist understands everything. Psychology as any other discipline is based on research and those research points are naturally remove outliers from data because they are outliers. This in itself means that psychology is always trying to find the average the norm, but human nature is about being one of those outliers.

In my experience psychologists are notoriously bad understand human behaviour and yet they quite often need people in the real world in other industries who could be described as superb natural psychologists. These people have more of an understanding of human interaction than most of the people I know who read a lot of research on the subject.

Traditional psychology tends to be about finding out what is wrong with people about what diseases they have what conditions they have been tends to be very negative nature. I am becoming more interested in positive psychology and the science of happiness.

The father of this is Martin Seligman but I came to him from the person below so I will give that first.

I read Shawn Achor’s book the happiness advantage which was superb – this is a clip from him – while this is to do