Intentional Fracturing – Microfracture

by desc | Jul 18, 2013 | via: dc13

On May 29th 2103 I had yet another ankle operation. This was some of the fairly routine ankle arthroscopy procedures that I have had many times. However I had discussed with the surgeon last July that when I got this done next he would also do microfracturing and these procedures would be at the same time.  I have had many different procedures on my ankle over the years and was not surprised that I was put down as an urgent case.

Role onto May 2013 and I managed to get a cancellation to be on the list. I was excited to be finally moving forward and was told on the day they were doing what I had discussed with the surgeon last year, however he had now left and moved on. The day went only slightly differently to normal with me being kept in as I had to have a general anaesthetic.

The interesting thing came the next morning when, having been told by nursing staff not to put any weight on it the night before, the consultant came and told me I could not weight bear for 6 weeks at all.

This I have done and I am going to see one of the team this afternoon. However, after the 6 weeks I started walking and suffered a day or 2 with a short and weak calf muscle. A few days later when attending the Skills for Care working group on Physical Interventions I found the ankle joint to be very achy. The following week just got worse. Now having been walking for 8 days I was growing quite concerned about the ankle, just the achy feeling. It feels week in terms of needing an hour with my leg up to comfortable walk for 5 mins.

So my wife today handed me this article and hope started to arrive. In the past most of the procedures I have involve me walking out of the theatre. This has been a shock and probably because I was not aware of the depth of healing needed. Firstly I was not prepared for 6 weeks non weight bearing and secondly I needed to read the article to see that 6-12 months to recovery then follows.

you can see an arthoscopy here, there are other but this guy talks through the points.

Having been to meet the surgeon I now know I should expect around 3 or 4 more months before I am able to be on top form.