Cornish Hospitality

Some interesting times have been had in the household in recent weeks. Rather than give you a blow by blow account on facebook I decided to save everyone from my ongoing dramas unless you needed to know. This is all past and life is now good.

I ventured south to Cornwall on the evening of the 31st Jan 2015. Not feeling particularly well, and against the strong advice of my wife, I took a lot longer to get to the destination than normal as I kept stopping to rest. On arriving at the hotel and checking in I became increasingly unwell and finally submitted myself to A&E in Truro at 5am on 1st Feb 2015.

Having deciding it was simply constipation I tried to get through the NHS A&E admissions system, I believed if I had resolved this issue I could go and teach the course I was teaching that day. Having in fact ruptured my appendix a number of hours earlier this was not to be the case.

I spent, the whole of February to this point, a total of 11 days in Truro Hospital having had complications leading to a second procedure.

I would like to thank the staff of both the St Mawes ward on Trelawney and the ward I spent most of my time on Surgical Admissions Lounge (SAL) ward in the tower Royal Cornwall Hospital Treliske. The staff both medical and domestic worked very well with me and always kept my interests at the forefront of my care. There were too many nurses, health care assistants, domestic food and cleaning staff to mention by name, however I do believe they deserve my whole hearted thanks.

This is also for the Health Care Assistant who got very embarrassed when my gown was not appropriate for her and I was too ill to care.

I would also like to thank the various people involved in the logistics nightmare which was my eventual exit from Cornwall. With so many people involved from family members to emergency placements officers / carers, I am so glad systems are in place to aid us when it is needed. The person who needs mentioned by name is my long suffering wife, Linda Cooke, who went through this logistical nightmare to come to Truro to spring me twice!

After they first wanted me to go, I had to stay an extra day while logistics were put in place, Linda arrived, then, they suddenly stated, as is the case with these things, that I was not well enough to leave and was indeed getting worse. Linda had to return, taking the car, to get all those at home back to normal. After the 2nd operation again they said I could go and we spent a lot of time explaining that I had to either be well enough to travel on the train or she needed to manage the logistics again and not arrive to another changed / variable decision.

This is the evening of 11th Feb 2015 and I write this from my own bed my wife having yet again pulled off a miraculous feat. One person we care for is back already and another will return tomorrow. Well done Linda. Our household is complete.

So thank you all for any concern you felt – however it is all over now and no concern was / is necessary.