charging stations for electric cars

by desc | Aug 5, 2012 | via dc13

OK so I want to know how long is it going to take me to charge my electric car. If the range is not viable for the longer journeys I do, how does the idea become a reality. When will the electric car trial become an electric car reality.

I had looked recently at some electric car thoughts, but the main issue is not the normal thoughts but how am I going to charge it when away from home? Recently I read a post about choosing a luxury electric car the suggestion a 45 mile tank would do for the every day journeys. Provoking the thoughts that it may be more about the ability to recharge rather than the range as discussed in vauxhall ampera advert.

It is all about the wifi for me. Take these franchises, the likes of starbucks and McDonalds. What should they be doing?

IMHO I believe they should be branching into the charging stations, they have food, seats, shelter and WiFi. This might actually be considered on of the benefits of the electric cars, actually having to stop driving at regular intervals and get some refreshments while checking in on your email or facebook.

So get some fast chrging hook ups for a £1 slot and some slower charging ones that charge more for the increased time but include a Frappachino or a happy meal. OK so I am being flipant but the concept stands.

Technological determination and Social shaping, we want the cars, we want them now, we don’t have the infrastructure in place for these things to go hand in hand. Step in the mega corporations. I would love to do this as a business but in truth the partnerships that are needed are the companies who already have a retailer on every service station and retail park in the county.

Get on it big boys……………